masks, hair styles, looks…..and what does freedom have to do with it?

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Ok, I went to bed last night exhausted and not angry, just tired. But how can one NOT be angry for very long when our country is in such disarray from the top. The last few months, actually last three years, I have experienced a lot of anger to say the least. I have watched the man in the White House attack hispanics, follows of Islam, reporters, the intelligent community and anybody else he comes across. So often, he publicly judges the person based not on talent but on looks. Amazingly, people in the media, especially the pro-trump right wing media at Fox, have started doing the same thing.

Joe Biden, 77 year old presumed democratic candidate for the office of president in 2020, had wisely stopped in for two months. However, he went out on Memorial Day to place flowers in a local cemetery and wore a mask for the protection of those around him. What did Brit Hume do?? Insulted him because he didn’t look good in the mask, according to Brit. This kind of petty superficial judgment is why this country is as divided as it is, and is likely going to stay that way. Masks are not worn for “beauty”, they are worn to show consideration, decency and concern for the good health of those around you. To lower the discussion, as trump and Brit both did to looks is a miscarriage and downright petty and missing the point entirely.

trump would do well to follow his own administrations recommendations, for a bloody change, and wear a darn mask. If nothing else, it would show some concisely and leadership in what they are asking others to do, at least. But then, we are still waiting for any GENUINE respect or concern from trump. Instead of leadership, we have gotten distraction and instead of genuine hope, we have had smoke blown up our systems about “there is no danger.” What we need now, and have for some time, is a real assessment. We need to hear something like “yes, we are having problems, but here is a plan to get us though and with the help of all the people in this great country we will make.

Whenever he even comes close to saying something like that, which is rare, he usually follows it up by claiming that it is a Hoax or that the Democrats are playing politics . Whatever politics the democrats are “playing” is equally being played by trump, and we all know it. His game is to distract us from the horrible job he did in the early months, the fact that he still won’t take any responsibility, not even to give genuine hope and truth about what is really happening.

In other news from the man in the White House, he also attacked a former marine, on Memorial Day, of all days. This guy, Connor Lamb, happens to be a democrat and is congress. trump accused him of being a puppet for Nancy Pelosi, even though he actually is one of 15 democrats that voted against her as speaker of the house. But then, what have we learned to expect from them other than attacks at the most somber and serious of times. Times when the focus is supposed to be on bringing the country together, he finds a way of continuing to add to the divide. Good going, trump!!!

But now, let’s look at more the division in this country and why it is not likely to be over anytime soon unless some things change. While many visitors to cemeteries, including this one for the Korean War veterans worn masks and other body protection (I suspect it was raining)

We were also given this image.

SmartCuts in North Carolina in a town that is home to a Tyson meat plant where 570 of their 2200 employees have checked positive for Covid-19, has taken the position that nobody that works at Tyson’s can come to their shop until two weeks from May twenty second, when they reopened. One of the women turned away is very angry and upset. She feels that Tyson is being unfairly treated because they did everything they knew to do, including social distancing and constant testing to insure that the workers were healthy while providing food for the town. I understand her pain and dismay.

However, 570 of the 2200 people working there DID test positive for Covid-19. The question is, and has always been, at what point does the rights and freedoms of the one give way to the rights and freedoms of the many? When does her right and freedom to get a hair cut, intersect with other’s right to go to the hairstylist comfortable in knowing that they will be not be exposed and infected with this pandemic?

Plus, what does freedom have to do with a business? Does a business not have a moral responsibility to protect its other customers and the workers in their own shop? Typhoid Mary was certainly restrained from doing commerce “as usual” whenever she was caught and that was literally decades ago. There are plenty of examples, including the flu of 1918, when “freedoms” were limited for the health of the public.

So what is with this guy??? All he is being asked to do is wear a mask while dealing with Costco. He insists they are impinging on his rights. What about the rights of the workers? What about the rights of the other customers? All they ask was that he wear the mask while in the store, but even THAT was too much for this freedom fighter. In my opinion, the clerk did precisely the right thing and I hope it gets done more in still active areas…or anywhere really until we are sure this pandemic is gone for good or there is a vaccine and/or it is know for certain that catching it once makes you immune from then instead like some other fairly viruses out there.

It is my contention that we live as a society. Nobody is an island unto themselves. The “my freedom no matter what” advocates are forgetting that really important point. Their freedom is fine until it hits other people’s freedom, including freedom from worry about pandemics that are swirling all over the nation, in the fact. Then their minor “freedom” needs to be compromised for the greater good.

Oh, and legally, since they were asking EVERYBODY to wear a mask, it would likely be more than allowable.

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  1. Brit Hume, like Trump and most of his base, is just trolling with his comments about Biden. Trolling for attention is all these people have. It is impossible to have a conversation with one of these people because all they do is regurgitate nonsense coming from the idiots influencing them. Trump supporters never engage in discourse, are unwilling or incapable of the give and take of answering questions. They seem incapable of articulating what it is they are so angry about because they themself have no idea. Their anger comes from being emotionally manipulated by influencers, and they know it. They are irrational. The majority of the things they might consider “hot button” issues actually have nothing to do with their day to day life. They just see and hear things they dont like, and think they have a right to control those actions of other people which have nothing to do with their own life.

    1. I have pretty strong opinions about the situation, but at least I am capable of understanding that we all have to pick the media sources that we give credence to. Most media sources have some sort of leaning as to ideology.

      However, some media is also backed up by years of reporting, often when being caught making mistakes and having it called to their attention, having the intrigrity to admit making the mistake and moving on. Other media sources tend to not ever be challenged by their readers…ones such as infowars, AmericanThinker, the Daily Caller etc, and never made to recant.

      And yet get parroted all over the internet as gospel. There are even so called experts that have claimed things that are just unbelievable and which would require a conspiracy of literally millions too achieve, being still touted as “experts” and evidence of a conspiracy long after they have been discredited. A Dr Mikokiv or some similar name is one that was thrown up to me as “proof” of my error recently.

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