March 23, 2021, Friday, Polyamory and Friends

Looking forward to Barbeque tomorrow. Very liberal group. Four committed couples coming. All well educated, liberal, and very kind and generous people. None of them would consider it inappropriate to ask someone out … yes, other than the one you came to the party with. And it would not be done sneaky, it would be done with full knowledge of one’s partner. What is more likely is that we will all just get to know each other better with open, authentic, personal conversations. Just walking among such people nurtures my soul.

It is likely to be very real and intense since the host, we will call him, J, has cancer that has just come back. It will focus us that life is short will add some urgency to time, to being and loving now instead of in the future. I have believed in being this way, polyamorous, all my life but never ran into such people ten years ago. It took me a decade to make significant progress against jealousy, the biggest barricade to loving and being loved by all.

Feels very good being me tonight. My lady is also eager to go; I hope things go well for her, too. She actually has a lot more chance of being courted than me; she is a lovely and beautiful person. I am a very lucky guy. Let’s call her Ally in follow-up posts.

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