Manipulating Artificial Intelligence and A Digitisation Smart Life

In a developing state I have applied AI to my brain in such a way that I not only manipulate Android and laptops but AI built automatic vehicles such as Cars flying crafts and AI built motor bikes I can manipulate

I manipulate LED Smart TV Such as smart view Net Flex you tube

Well being in a developing country Manipulation of AI built devices and instruments is like bewildering Simple backward villagers with magic trick is well today it is to be believed the technology is working those wonders that magician used to trick in fairy tales

I manipulate Electric Kettle and Microwave oven to bake bread or make tea

I manipulate Wi fi AC with its remote

It’s what I have so far experience to interact

Various Android applications such as video making and editing to snack video and Tik Tok

Karaoke singing by catching beats after reading the written lyrics and singing it

But AI is far more than that

Like a magic ball AI built room will simply obey your commands

Such as Simons turn on AC and AI will turn it on

Simon bring me tea and smart trolley will move tea pot on it to you

Your commands will be obedience for him

I learnt AI in a smart university manipulating Digital softwares to help earn Boardline Human Resource Management BBA hons Degree

I learnt Manipulation of MS word to convert my Autistic mind thoughts to meaningful words..

I have sound compression of written material but my short term memory impairment make me struggle in making immediate sense

I learnt Manipulation at first place by using calculators to overcome my dyslexia and dyscalculia problem when you say right person for right job I have been still now designated mentally challenging quantitative jobs while I am still showing my potential in Administrative literature theoretical qualitative jobs..

To tell the truth

If I am married than

I can impart myself my children quality Education

I can prepare them to walk on a career path by discovering their potential

I am digitally qualified and from early ages Instill in them Manipulation in digital world

Smart technology equipment to help them adopt constantly changing environment

But not every body understand my silence or non verbal communication

I am not capable to perform norms of matrimonial functions

Independently take my wife on dinner

Take her to shopping

Take her to hospital in case of emergency

Carry out independently higher order functions

All other and these functions require an escort for me

My younger brother that caused short term memory loss in me said

We will not be performing these higher order functions for him he has to show improvement

But I can perform all these functions in Smart environment I have rehabilitation into a living Robot

Now A doctor understand a Medical language

Computer engineers understand Computer language

What kind of female be married to me

I might have made a sound sense

Nevertheless my Mom is urinary bladder kidney and brain skull implant patient She is diabetic as well she is giving me a women that replace all the functions she perform as care being a mother

It is because His own family has devalued me As Father of my granny as holy soul he firmly conveyed God’s message to them to take care of me rest of my life as people have done the damage and they are defending it as well because before they did damage every doom came afterwards

I am not greedy but wanted to set a God’s approved tradition that if I am persuading sooner will be practiced in world.

Misfortune people will miss bathing in paradise leading flowing river

They claimed me murderer but died soul has appeared in my younger brother dream offsetting allegations as those that hit him will pay for his blood as a person that fire the bullet is murderer not the person for whose obstinacy he triggered the bullet

Well I am fully aware I am not in UK USA where I will be taken care but I have no further science to disclose

Dad is 68 years old my mom is 62 years old I am burden on my siblings and still government empathy is pending…My parents do not have longer time and neither my mom family is honouring warning and order of Almighty to her paternal generation nor Government is enough a state of Madina to empathise me…Although it’s order of God either Government or Mob will update my software sooner or later

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