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Makes You Feel so Young – Random

If you are ever feeling down about your age or your appearance… all you need to do is to go to WalMart during the day, in the middle of a week.  No joke.  I was there earlier today, and I felt like a “spring chicken” next to all the older people doing their shopping.  Not to mention, there was not a single battery operated shopping cart to be had the entire time I was there.  So other than a few grandchildren I saw, it was awesome to feel like one of the youngest people in the room.  Lol  Sure made me smile….

6 thoughts on “Makes You Feel so Young – Random”

  1. Especially if you go the day they get their social security check. LOL I should talk I am 64 and at times feel like 74 but I don’t need an amigo to get around nor a cane. It saddens me when I see a woman younger than I am using either of these items to get around. Get up and move even if it hurts. I have to say I dress better than most but not as well as some. 🙂

  2. You’ll always be a “spring chicken” if you consider your age as simply a number and nothing more.
    Rather think of it as years of “character building” and “experience” gained since the day you were born.
    Have a lovely day!

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