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So, I know that my love language is quality time. I took the official quiz recently, and it still is. Which means, when people make time for me, I am happiest. Or when I am spending time with the people that I love. Like, when my boyfriend and I are just playing video games together I am the happiest person in the world. Or when my bestfriend and I went on a double date with our partners, that was a good time as well.

But, at this point if people are not going to put an effort into a friendship, then why should I? I know certain people will read this and immediately lecture me, but whatever. I’m busy too, and I still make time. For everyone. I work, I am trying to fix my truck, I recently started attending AA, I am keeping up with therapy. My life is busy. But, I still make TIME.

We all have busy lives. Friends, dating, work, bills. Whatever. But you make the time for the people who matter. In my opinion. For example, I do not make time for a certain person who tried to hit on my sister (she is 17 and in high school, while this is a 27 year old male) and encourages my family to partake in drugs. I just don’t.

But I make time for my best friend who is 8 months pregnant and works just as much as I do, actually we make time for each other. Constantly talking and hanging out and just being inclusive. It’s. Not. That. Hard.

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  1. Time is at a premium, you never get it back. Life is one go round to a customer with no guarantee of tomorrow. So spend quality time with quality people. Makes sense to me anyways.

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