Love in Today’s Society

Am I the only one that has noticed the drastic change in love in this century? I mean, people have gone from romantic relationships to simply “hitting and quitting”. Honestly, that’s a sad reality many of us are forced to endure quietly. Of course, rather than simply complaining, I propose a solution. Instead of simply wanting sex or sex-related gratifications, shall we focus on true values: personality, characteristics, and other matters related to it.

6 thoughts on “Love in Today’s Society”

  1. ISN’T IT SAD?
    You could be my daughter I think….and you are experiencing this at your age?
    At my age MANY men seem to be like this too.
    You should look into creating a dating site all about “Old Fashioned” love.

  2. Sadly in this day and age of time sex is confused with love. Sex is not love, it’s lust. Also, body type takes takes first place over character and personality. Girls want the hot guy and boys want to hot girl. When handsomeness and beauty should radiate from the inside to outwards. IMO of course.

  3. the hitting and quitting attitude your talking about is somewhat related to the pop culture of todays world..people see the clebs or idol marrying one month and divorcing the next blaming on affairs or not exactly working between them ..and they seem to be moving on to the next person because who doesnt want to console a grieving man or woman with the chance of hitting it on together and the same thing happening over again…
    people do tend to see examples of true love in their everyday life but they tend to overlook it as it doesnt seem that interesting enough for them..they would rather be interested in who’s the boy toy with that celeb…
    i am at fault here to blame it on a few select class of people but it is that class with which we are infatuated with ,whose gossips are part of our daily conversation,
    with our teen daughter trying to becoming hannah in her early years to turning into miley the next one or with boys trying to next musician once and then doing loads of drugs in name of you see its not only limited to love , little by little its seems to be seeping in us…

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