Does Love Come With A Price Or Is It Free?

Would love some opinions on this! Is love really free? 
The dream I just awoke from posed this unusual question which you see.

Dream: There is this woman who I’m friends with but I’m feeling this woman way too much just to be here friend so I asked her out on a date. As I’m preparing for the date, one of my brothers walks in and says “you know this woman doesn’t look like a cheap thrill!” So I go to my bank account to make sure the funds are there to at least have a decent date with this woman. Now we are out we go get something to eat, go to a movie, get ice cream afterwards and have a nice stroll through the park. Now this is where the question comes in: As we are walking and talking, she stopped just to say to me that she could love me if everyday was like this? So I ask what do you mean? She pointed out how it felt really good to be treated out and I paid for everything. My mind was in think mode by this point so I asked her, does loving me come with a $price$? She stared at me for a minute or two then replied that I’m reading too much into what she was saying. I replied that you pointed out the financial aspects of the date not that I asked you out (which I was very nervous in doing), how I treated you like a woman this evening by opening doors, giving you my shirt cause you was chilly in the theater, etc… So she said just forget what I said and lets continue with our date so by this time my mind has posed this question, Is Love Really Free? End of dream after the question popped up.

Now its many people that feel very different about love which is your human right but ask yourself is the love you have for someone comes with a price? I know some will say yeah due to the time and effort they put in which is valuable to them. Meanwhile, some will say no because its called compromise and sacrifice. I can see both sides of the spectrum. I asked for opinions on this?

3 thoughts on “Does Love Come With A Price Or Is It Free?”

  1. Nothing is free! Absolutely nothing. Sigh!

    The truth is there is a price of admission for every relationship. The price is different according to the relationship, but there is always a price. Maybe not financial, but sometimes a hefty price. Yep!

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