Love and Loss

The world is made up of fools
Who just don’t have the tools
To make it… like me.
Can’t you see?

Dunno where my bread is buttered
I still love you she uttered
But all my life has changed
Since away from me you ranged

Instability is now my middle name
And nothing will ever be the same
As when we were one you and I
One beneath the eternal sky

Tears flood my eyes
As I ask all those whys
I’ll never understand where
It all went so wrong so there

I blame me and not you
Cause I see it too
Where caustic I am
To all I touch

I just need you to know
That I love you so
And I will ever await
That twist and turn of fate

That may bring you back to me
My heart is broken can’t you see?
It has known no other but thee
Since we were teens so wee

Forty plus years is a lot
And answers I have not
To how I can fix this
Me you no longer kiss

You have moved on and left me behind
Now you’re one with someone else’s mind
As I stand here crying no it can’t be
But at last, finally I do see

That’s it’s over between you and me
No matter how much I cry it can’t be
Just know that I love you, eternally
And now at last I’ll set you free

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