Love and friendship

Love is a many splendored thing. It is exquisite.

New love is intensity, fire and passion. It makes the heart sing, your pulse throb. you body ache.

Old love is comfort, an all abiding warmth, and peace. It makes your soul sing. It relaxes your body, gives peace to your heart, makes your pulse lope along in comfort.

Give me old love any day of the week. I’m too old for all that nerve jangling passion of new love.

I enjoy the comfort of the love I have. I love the peace. It fits warmly like a favorite pair of PJ’s.

While new love captivates the heart and mind old love captures the soul. It is the one that lasts.

It’s the one that there when your sick, takes care of the bills, washes you dirty laundry, cleans your house, does the chores, fixes things when they’re broken. It’s the one you can count on.

So what is this thing called love? How does it happen?

I wish I knew the answer to that. Research says there’s changes in the brain chemistry when we first fall in love. Is it the changes that cause the love or the love that causes the changes?

Well love outlasts the chemistry changes, if it’s true love that is. So saying that then it must be the love that causes the changes. After all, once the changes are gone the love persists.

So what causes the love? Well now that’s the million dollar question. If we knew that then we’d have all the answers to the universe. It’s different for each of us so how can you put an answer to that question?

How do we know when we’re in love? Well now that depends… is it new love or old love?

New loves burns with passion, it captivates your thoughts, makes your nerves tingle, causes your heart to race and your blood to throb.

But old love, ahhh there’s the one. Old love means you care more for the other then you do yourself. You’d give anything to see the smile on his or her face, you’d give your life to preserve theirs, willingly. It means comfort and peace when your in his or her presence. It means you remember to pick up those little things that make them smile, things like cards. Not necessarily flowers, they’re more the realm of new love. It means you do those little things that make them gleam, like leave little notes telling them how much they mean to you. Old love is a very slow and comfortable thing. It’s very thoughtful and selfless. While new love can burn up in the throws of passion old love withstands the flames and goes on forever. Old love is very much harder to describe then new love.

I’m a very old love type of person. I don’t love easily but when I do it’s a very old type of love. I tend to love forever, never forgetting a love, even one lost, never really getting over it. I take love into my heart and there it’s caged, forever, even when I lose the other. I love for life.

I’m that way with friends too. Of course I am, isn’t friendship just another form of love? When I make friends, real friends, I make them for life. I’ve been burned that way, many times. I have virtually no real friendships left in my life. I’ve destroyed them all with my insanity. But still I love them, still I consider them my friends, my best friends.

A long time ago I posted a little ditty about what Cicero thought of friends. It’s very interesting. If you care to read it here’s the link:

I could very well say the same things about old love. It’s based upon trust and honesty. Doing things for the other person with no expectation of reciprocity. See, friendship, real friendship, is just another form of old love.

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