Losing my shit…

this early in the morning is not good for my health. I wake JH at 6:45, help him get dressed, and then go pack his lunch. I generally send him downstairs to pick out a lunchable for his lunchbox, and that has worked out fine so far. Well not today. This morning he got distracted by some paint we had left sitting out on the art table. He decided to paint. I should have known that something was up when he didn’t come back upstairs within a few minutes. I decided to go investigate. Well howdy, he had not only painted, wiped his hands on his new school shirt, but also decided to wash his hands in a basin I had on the counter soaking some lids in a mild bleach water solution. He had drug that basin off of the counter, and spilled a couple of gallons of water into the kitchen floor. Woe is me!


Well, of course, I over reacted. I chewed him out good, all the while he was trying to explain his actions. At 7:15 in the morning, there is absolutely no good explanation for spilling this much water into the floor. Daycare parents would start arriving at 7:30 on the dot, and JH needed to head to school. I quickly cleaned him up, and gave him a hug. I then commenced cleaning up the massive amount of water on the floor. Thankfully, I had a basket of dirty towels sitting in the bathroom that I used to clean it up quite quickly. The rug under the table was drenched, and really nothing to do but let that air dry, just keeping the Littles away from it until that happens. Bleh!


The lesson here is don’t leave anything on the counter that might attract a four-year-old curious boy.  I should have cleaned this paint up after our art project yesterday. That was on me. As for leaving the bleach/water combo on the counter, JH knows better. Even at 4 he knows that he doesn’t touch anything with water in it on the counter top. Oh well, lesson learned. I hope he had a good day at pre-k, even if we did struggle for a few minutes this morning. God bless us one and all.

peace ;D shemelts

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  1. Ah, this brings back such fond memories of my single momhood decades ago. Weekday mornings were always a blur and filled with chaos. You’re already light years ahead of where I was.

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