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Lord of Abraham PBUH

Abraham PBUH is known as father of prophets and imams.

There are so many religions and their practitioners in this world.

Every child is born innocent and perception of Lord of Abraham

As he starts growing up

The environment he is raised inculcate in him religious values and belief system.

He becomes Jew Christians pagan idolater and fire or stars worshipper. Abraham was not among any of them

Because he used to ponder and reflect about existence of a creator and he really he reached to conclusion that only one creator is so omnipotent that nothing can put an end to Him. He has introduced death otherwise nothing like death exists and can come to Him.

Otherwise all these proclaimed partners of Almighty are mortal. But there is a monotheistic LORD This is Almighty and immortal

Every child is born on divinely nature or A Abraham PBUH as he grows up he converts to a belief system and religious values.

Abraham PBUH broke all idols in Almighty’s house and left the one perceived as mighty among them.

People inquired from him who did that

Abraham responded inquire from leftover

The people said it’s not alive how it will answer

Abraham said if it is an object made of rock

You created it and crafted it with skill of your hands or it has created you

All of them were at their wit’s end with this justification.

Name of father of Abraham was Terah or Aazir

The Chastity of Sarah was guarded by Almighty himself from pharoah of that time when on every rape attempt dignified Angel hanged his neck to suffocation

At last he got terrified from Sarah and rewarded her Princess Hajra her daughter as maid

She married Princess Hajra to Abraham PBUH and from this couple Ishmael PBUH was born. The ancestor of Muhammad PBUH who after conquering House of Almighty broke all 360 idols in it.

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