Live Your Life, Don’t Be Afraid

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Do you ever sit and wonder why am I here?. Everybody in this world is here for a reason once a person truly figures out why they were put on this earth they will pass on. For me I was put on this earth to make people laugh! If I don’t make someone laugh at least once a day I feel upset and a lack of energy. What is your reason?

I have had some great mentors in my life, one being my adopted grandma. This person made such a huge impact in my life and made me who I am today, this women gave me so much confidence and to never give up on my dreams. She did not have a lot of confidence in the things she did, but when it came to someone else she was the person to back you up 100% on your dreams. She helped a lot of people in her life time and I know for a fact everyone was so great full for her help, she will be in peoples memories for a long long time and she will be greatly missed! XOXOXO.

So who ever is reading this? Live your life and don’t be afraid of failure Live your life to the fullest and do the things YOU want to do, and don’t listen to those negative people in your life because at the end of the day you are the only person to make you happy! 🙂

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