Listening for Truths

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Here I am Om – on planet earth.  Do you hear me as I chant your name?

Please, whom am I addressing and tell me where did an idea of an Om existing, communicating and listening originate?

Whose brain first had the thought?  Who stands and takes responsibility?

“I do.” someone says from ancient times, coming forward singing the sound.

My hearing absorbs the vibration.  It relaxes all my tension.  I feel gratitude for its force and smile.  Reading my mind, I hear the ancient one say “The sound vibration of Om sung by humans relaxes me.”

But why does the vibration relax all my tension?  Answering myself, I say, “It is a sound, a pleasure and what I feel when in love.”

When I love, I rejoin. I am the circle again.  I remember the energy that purifies my suffering.  I realize the mystery and sigh in awe.

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There!  Here I am on the planet earth – inside a vortex of swirling information of which most is now impossible to prove true or false.  This vortex created by an unconscious gathering of information that resulted in a spiral of false ideas and truths is propelled by an inherently human learning nature and is spread from human to human by conscious design.  A whirlpool of ideas into which I have emerged.

We record ideas in books – some ideas are heard – and many of them are seen. Unfortunately, gratefully – the swirl is dense and confusing.  The vortex of swirling information doubles itself daily.  It becomes more dense with time.  The internet has helped us accelerate the speed of doubling.

The antidote to this confusion is acceptance of its nature or more precisely, learning that allowing ideas to flow is far more beneficial than control.   Any idea embraced without the patience of investigation is a choice to enter illusion.  Only ideas that constantly flow have the ability to gather together in truths.  A truth does not require either human interference or manipulation.

Truth teaches humanity – not the other way around.


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