Life in general

Right now things are going ok.. I have some weird feelings going on with me. I never ever fought with my step mom ever but since last week we have been fighting. I have no idea if its things going on in life or all the things in my head getting to me. Or the fact my husband is acting weird and wont tell me whats going on. I started working at my new job and so far so good. i can see me lasting there for a  long time. and hoping to make a career out of it.


I am thinking of going to school to do pharmacy because where i work at will pay for school and pharmacist get paid higher than the store manager. i am going to look into it though i want a job where i can work good hours and good pay. I want to be able to work and spend time with my kids. I want to be able to watch them grow and to do things.


I need to learn patience because lately i do not have any. i also need to stop judgement because it is not good either. I do not know what people are facing in this world today. i really need to work on a lot of things even reading the bible.

i also need to lose weight i am too heavy, but i can not stop the stress eating. i can not stop wishing i had a stress free life. i am looking in to things to make life better though.


Talk to you guys later. hopefully in a better way lol..

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