A friend of mine just asked me: “what is life? Why do we never get the things that we want?”

My reply to it was: “Particularly ,cause the things we want are not necessarily the things that we need”.

He further continued how he feels better when he’s driving and how speeding over makes him recuperate; his body becomes numb and his thoughts are masked by the rapid acceleration on his speedometer. He said when he hits around a 100, a sudden guilt surpasses his subconscious mind. Nonetheless, he continues till he hit a 140 or so.

He was telling me how he gradually speeds up. And, eventhough, he is scared, he proceeds.

He is one of my closest friends, yet while he was narrating his thoughts, I never told him to ‘not to be reckless’ or ‘take care of himself’. Why? Perhaps, because I never felt upto it. Like, the words, if I might have said them out of common courtesy, I wouldn’t have felt even a little amount of care at that point. In that moment the one thing I felt was envy. Envious of the fact that, although it was for a couple of hours, he had a way out. he had an escape.

All of this got me thinking. Every single person has a story of their own yet the emotions are astoundingly relatable. However, the ways of dealing with a specific situation are diversified.

I concluded that all the people around us, even the closest ones, have some part of them which they cloak from the world. some say that they are like an open book. But is there anything as such? I doubt. According to me, every individual has a secret. It could be anything, it might not even be as shady or dark as one comprehends from the term ‘secret’ itself. It could be anything; as severe as a loss or a trauma or as small as a a slight frown from one of their folks..

You never know how something can have an ability to effect you so rigorously.

This leads us back to the constant dilemma of “what is life?” Why things happen the way they do and why do we act so intensely on the then considered severe scenarios and later on, laugh it off?

I guess, what we do, the severe and harsh words we speak, the decisions we make, and think we’ll remain adamant on them are said and/or done in the spur of the moment. And, by ‘moment’, I don’t mean a second or two. I mean, decades. ‘Cause after all, it’s ‘Life’ we’re talking about.

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