“Libs” are not your enemy…

I hear this ranting a lot. Libs, libtards, “antifa” blah, blah..

Misdirected, misplaced angst. We people are not enemies. We are the same. There is no tangible difference between the folk who keyboard commando political babble on social media.

My daily life is no different than the daily life of any Trump supporting human being.

That is misperception on both sides.

The “enemy,” if that term even really applies at all, is perception.

Apathy, and unwillingness to even attempt to engage.

All of us gathered on such sites as this one are being emotionally manipulated, and divided, by our own perceptions, and by those persons and entities that profit financially from keeping us divided and fighting amongst ourselves.

We are brothers and sisters.

I do not wish harm, misfortune or unhappiness for anyone, for any reason.

I have no enemies.

I neither expect, nor desire to live in a society in which everyone thinks the same or believes the same things.

That is boring. A life not worth living.

We can live side by side with different ideas and beliefs.

We all need to stop allowing ourselves to be influenced and manipulated by people and entities that have nothing in common with us, and who profit from dividing us.

Hatred and violence are not the answer.

Love and understanding is the key to unity and peaceful co-existence.

Apathy and disdain benefit no one.

Please make an effort. We are family.

3 thoughts on ““Libs” are not your enemy…”

  1. I wish I could unilaterally agree with this, but in fact I can not. Not because I think liberals are violent or nasty because I don’t. However, I do believe that there are enemies out there, and they are human beings so, in my opinion, it is missing a piece of reality to say “there are no enemies”.

    1. White Supremacists ARE in fact the enemy of the Black Population

    2. anti-LGBTQ who will go to any possible extent to deny my rights as an equal citizen because I am a gay man…is my enemy.

    3. Anybody who would stand by and watch a cop kill a human being and not say or do anything as another part of law enforcement is an enemy of the person killed.

    4. A childish man in the White House who can only come up with using the violence of the military on protestors is an enemy of both free speech and the people (you don’t send the army after protestors in America at all, and you sent law enforcement after rioters and those who destroy property.)

    I believe all people being allowed to live their lives as they see fit, would result in your position being valid and correct. However, whenever someone tries to force me to live they do in order to have rights in this nation…they are enemies of my friendship and I will so react to them. With as little rudeness as possible but I will stand opposed even if it appears adversarary.

    1. To me, they are only an enemy if I am made to feel so threatened and fearful that I wish them harm. I wish none of these groups or individuals harm. I wish for them nothing but good health, happiness and love, even if they hate and want to harm me. They do not hate me, or you. They hate an idea of you or I that exists in their consciousness that has nothing to do with you or I.

      1. Well, I look at it like this. They work against…if they had their way I would no rights. So I have no reason to be concerned about them, whether they are healthy or not. And I do see them as a real threat, since right now they seem to have the administrations ear.

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