Level of Struggle for a permanent Job

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This blog is just a continuation of the level of struggle that I have to because I always competed on merit to qualify for these jobs but I face strong opposition from colleagues and officers when it is exposed to them he has not only sustained brain injuries but also a psychedelic history During Banking The door of cupboard over my head was left half opened that hit me so hard that I went unconscious momentarily and when my injurious brain was exposed in school job I was hit two times with bark of trees and one time it left mark on my forehead They studied my physical brain condition abnormalities but they did not studied or showed no interest in developed normalities that lifted me to that position They warned me of termination but never acknowledged even a small positive contribution from me Wether I did a banking job or I am now in teaching job or even I clear competitive examination all that I know is nobody is standing by side its only my poor dad that is aging rapidly My elder brother is of the opinion I am 34 years of age and My sister say only you are standing by your side you have got nobody by your side anymore My younger brother has already said he can only assist me departmentally but referentially he has limits.

I qualified on merit I was hired on Honors but it is shocking my sister got a masters allowance of 600 after 14 years graduation with 16 years masters

My elder brother is going to receive 600 more as well for 16 years Masters I was appointed on 16 years honors and I have to rely on starting pay

Now the situation is I have very weak memorization and perceptibility I can’t properly ride and drive and I can’t reach duty station independently If I go on bus No bus has stop there It stop on nearby city

And My elder brother has arranged a special wagon that only does two times pick and drop whenever head teacher calls on unofficial days it gets a problem for me to reach the duty station furthermore I have no idea how to disclose this specific kind of perceptibility and memorisation disability without getting fired

What is safe way to get transferred to nearby duty station where I can easily go without delay

What is way to escape administrative transfers so that after it I finally quit and return to that horrific condition I went when I was forced to quit banking Job.

Is my marriage possible in such circumstances when world proposals may start knocking but here I have been only abuse

The dogs are barking on me on my character on my identity but they are avenging not from me but from God why He favoured me that extent thats because I would have followed their footsteps I would have become physically a monkey like ancient Jews.

It is regardless you are explled from your religion you become any creature its a snake monkey a dragon penis popped out of trouser or zip now I am not part of this terminators school of thought I am follow a school of thought that is straight in path….

These mean bastards perceive not they are kicking away knocking heaven just they perceive not

They should know they are among those jugglers that treat every pious and innocent straight thinker like transgenders to make them dance to please them instead of even trying to reform or guide or purify them.

Why atleast why

Why there are no answers to my questions

Why there is still no solution without deprieving me of my livelihood at last why

Obviously I am getting economically poorer and poorer and On daily basis accidental incidents such as setting dogs on me attempting accidents Even Government is capitalising resources mobilised by me I am getting humiliation from that younger brother that pinpoint and humiliate my deteriorating results of brain who is himself responsible for my mental ailment if he had not handicapped me this family had not put me on psychiatric drugs and psychedelic me to hide his crime and my early aging as a drastic consequence has not resulted

Government is capitalising my mobilisation but I have no home no room old television childhood bed everytime ignored for financial aid alms or funds on the other hand my siblings have their rooms furniture lcds ACs And yes They are more mentally fit I am superman sexually that is people targeting by sexually abusing by blocking an Adults marriage reproduction survival of his wife and children.

Well latest update is about my long term wait to get transferred to nearby home school. Because of workplace bullying in previous school. They created such conditions either I exit school or quit job hence despite of all restrictions that I faced on day of scrutiny such as I am science teacher other is permanent primary teacher i showed them policy in detail their eligibility than next step was he is adjusted from closed government school this time CEO became obstacle these teachers were also eligible for transfer hence when orders of transfer came other person hesitated in willingness. Finally he got convinced.

Condition now after 4 years are also getting in my favour in my grandfather employment school 2 seats have got vacant and there are two conditions i can get there transferred on extreme hardship administrative grounds as in Student teacher ratio One teacher is in excess in my school so I can apply on a vacant post on open merit transfer will will be on AEO recommendation there following obstacles from government policies The CEO is punished and apathic he dislike compassionate grounds The AEO is friend of my colleague and he will notify him about vacant post will recommend him thats how i will be back stabbed. CEO is not among sympathisers of my mom cousin brother

Government human resouce planning of student teacher ratio has blocked my elder brother open transfer as two seats are vacant in grand pa school

God has created ways for me but thats how people fight with God and don’t realise it every person has Got an eye to ash their targets..

I can present a disability certificate but what disability epilepsy autism dementia parkinson psychedelia what when i am hired on normal seat

I attempted competitive exam paper got leaked results banned i attempted 65 plus mcqs correct

lecturership test this was now i iam overaged..


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  1. Life is a struggle sometimes, or i mean most of the time. I feel your fighting spirit in this. You are not giving up without a fight. I wish you all the best in life. May you secure work soon. I am sorry for your troubles my friend.

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