Let’s Talk About Welfare

Republished to help explain what’s going on in Baltimore, and other liberal cities.

Mike’s Common Sense

Public assistance, or welfare, came into being in our country back in the 1940’s. It was a very necessary step at the time because there simply weren’t enough jobs available for the population of black men. Whites owned almost all factories, and business, and there were no equal employment laws. This was supposed to be a short term proposal.

That was seventy years ago. We are entering the fourth generation of welfare families. There is a reason for this, FREE MONEY! Why do anything when you are getting free money?

However, there is a catch, when you get free money long enough; you expect to keep getting free money.

MIKE’S LAW: Whenever someone receives “free money”, that person will NOT respect the money, or the giver. He also will not respect himself.

The problem with our inner cities is that they are full of people, who don’t respect themselves, or anyone else. It is bred on the free money syndrome.

I’m not saying anyone should starve, but every able bodied person should do something to earn that money. When people earn their money, they respect not only the money they earned, but they respect themselves for earning it.

Hospitals are short staffed; our cities are filthy, roads, bridges, and our infrastructure are crumbling; find jobs for these people!

My sincere hope is that President Trump, will bring some jobs back from overseas, and start new programs to help our people.

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