Let God lead the way..

When you are struggling emotionally, mentally and physically, who do u go to? Do u think u can do it on your own? Do u think that because you was so strong through other situations, u have to be strong in this situation too? Do you think that you are alone in this or u have to get yourself out of it? My answers to this is you are not alone. You do not have to do this on your own. It’s okay to not be strong all the time. Pray, surrender. God is there with you. Remember, God gives us free will. If you do not surrender or ask God for help, he will watch and wait for u to. See in my life, I was emotionally struggling with my thoughts. I’m usually a patient and positive person but I’ve been struggling recently. I’ve been impatient, more angrier than usual& more criticizing myself. See i was struggling within myself. I knew i wanted to change my thoughts, my patterns. I would get upset and say to myself, no be stronger Nisha , be more patient …until i broke. See that is when, i realized i can’t do this on my own. This isn’t for me to do on my own. This was Gods way of telling me to learn on him, ask him for help, surrender to him. When you ask God to take over your life and you put your life in his hand, then is only when you surrender. Let God lead your way. Let God lead your thoughts. You will worry no more. You will doubt no more. You are not alone anymore. God got you and with God by your side, You will win. You will be blessed.   Let God lead you. 

2 thoughts on “Let God lead the way..”

  1. When kissed by Judas, Jesus was left alone, did he pray to his “father” to give him strength? Where was He? Ultimately, wherever we look, we are alone, and its our responsibility to understand that and teach the youth to expect and understand it.

  2. Jesus was never alone. God was always with him. God guided him. & i would not teach anybody that. That is why we have depression, mental health and suicides all around this world because we think we are alone and have to get through everything alone. Got want us to lean on him n ask for support.

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