Leo —the brat cat

Leo was quite a challenge when he joined our household. He and Pie didn’t get along as he would chase Pie. I think Pie just decided that while he was willing to share the house with 4 other cats, a 5th one was the last straw. In addition, Pie didn’t like to be “bothered” and Leo took it in his head to chase Pie and of course Pie would run.

It got so bad, that I left work one day because I was upset over their fighting although they never actually hit each other, or got into a real fight. I just couldn’t stand the fact that Pie was acting like he couldn’t move around, that Leo had him pinned down. So, leaving work I dashed home, walked in and found Pie, not in his usual hiding place, but on the floor happy as he could be.

But to keep things calm, I decided to put Leo in the back two rooms of the house. He seemed happier back there anyway, and the one time that I let him out after that, he ended up climbing on the curtains, turning on the Christmas tree and getting into a fight with Roy of all things…so back to the back he went where he stayed from then on.

He was a beautiful and loving cat, however, with that stipulation (that he stay separate from the older more established cats). I initially got him because Roy’s cat, Lilly, was quite elderly and feeble and looked like she was on her last legs. I figured Leo could become Roy’s new cat. Well, that didn’t work out. Leo was definitely MY cat. He loved me.

He especially liked to sit above my computer and sometimes on my computer table, where he would steal pens if he could get them in his mouth before I saw what he was doing. He would grab the pen and take off, and I would have to chase them to get them back.

One time, he was on the back on the higher part of the computer table, and started skidding I saw what was happening and tried to move my hands, but he landed on my hands before I could get them safely away. It is amazing how fast a cat can fall. Anyway, he landed on my hands and I was trying to get my hands out from under him because I knew the next step. Sure enough, his claws came out, after all, he was afraid from the fall, and his claws went into my hands. I yelled at him, calling him a stupid cat, but even while yelling I knew it was not his fault–that he hadn’t done it deliberately. Even though I was in some pain, I almost felt sorry for him because he looked like his feelings were hurt.

He also, later, accepted another cat into his territory and trained the new kitten to use the litter box that they shared back there in the back of the house. He really was a sweet cat.


4 thoughts on “Leo —the brat cat”

  1. Stupid Cat??? tsk tsk tsk
    Poor Leo.
    And yet he still loves you. Cats forget so easily and sometimes quickly.
    He is also beautiful.
    My big black cat Chubs is also so sweet….and gentle. And my sisters big black cat JJ also is sweet and gentle when he is calmed down.. Though I do believe her cat has some issues. Always bugged eyed seeming paranoid. He is also diabetic so she has to give him a shot daily. All of our cats could be brothers.

    Thank goodness you can keep them in their own parts of the house. If my Clove didn’t get over her issues with Chubs smell after his Drs appointment ….I was working out ideas of who I can give her too.

    I have a story about Clove I have been wanting to post. I hope to get to it soon.
    Love reading your cat family stories.

    1. Hey, I was in pain, somebody had to be guilty besides me. 🙂 But yes, he forgive me quickly. He was very sweet, except with the 5 cats in the front of the house, then he wasn’t so sweet.

      By the way, he was with us the shortest time of any of my cats at 5 years. Munchie might have tied that, but that story along with he and Leo’s interaction will be in the next story.

      Oh, the vet told us that he died of a heart attack so that is when I learned that cats can have heart attacks just like humans. When they do, they go quickly.

        1. yep, Leo just suddenly fell over, and we grabbed him and rushed him to the emergency vet’s and she told us that likely it was a heart attack, that cats often do have them. And that apparently once they do, they are gone pretty quickly and he certainly was.

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