Left My Tears Behind in a Pool of Water… repost

I dove in to wash away the anger, betrayal and fear that had been mounting throughout the long hard day rendering me captive to my fragile emotions.

My body felt as heavy as my heart.  

I longed for the strength I possess as I stretch myself  to the max gliding back and forth gaining confidence at each flip turn.  

The effort it took to do laps melted away. The water was my sky as I flew above my problems. 

I observed my slow and steady rhythmic breathing and marveled at the fact I am no longer holding my breath as I had before I began.

It gets easier an easier by the minute.  My arms feel light, it’s all so effortless and seems as if I could go on forever.  An hour later, I grabbed my towel, dried off and noticed how I had left my tears behind in the pool of water. 

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