Learning English( My Story)

It was a time when my mind used to think only but I could not found any means to communicate my thoughts. But Education became a more efficient medium for this. What I used to think I used to write in my diaries. I used to write it on Microsoft world.
I learned English by Native language to English language Translation. I became proficient in English Free writing. I does make Spelling and Grammar error but I was optimum level and most of my texts were more efficient than being erroneous. I used to memorize English words and combine those words to make a complete sentence. That’s how my Free Writing Developed.
Something I pondered was that can Sun rise from west and set in East. Yes If Earth Reverse its Rotation. The sun will rise from west and set in East. As still Sun Rise from east and set in west.
Can Time be revered….I am still finding it’s answer but I Time can be reversed that means Everything including earth rotation will reverse.
But there was only one medium to communicate such pondering that was my diaries.
That’s how I used to communicate.
I was not socially brought in interpersonal conflict. It was just my short term memory malfunctioning. They used to communicate me but It used to take time to imprint in mind.
I was best in speaking but not listening. They used to Describe I used to struggle in perceiving sensory impressions. The described the places or streets. I kept on struggling in re playing this description in my brain.
They used to speak and every new information used to struggle to make sense. So This was a medical condition. This used to create interpersonal conflict.
The way I educated myself. I used to ponder to make inference. Today I am speaking with language of words. All this was possible because of intellectual growth with pondering. But I used to seem
But It is reality instead of understanding my medical condition I was brought in interpersonal conflict in work place. I published my life still to world. Still there is no understanding of my Medical resolve just because it is not recommended by any medical board and yet I discovered and published it. The way I can live my remaining life. The name of my Disorder is ‘Psychedelic degenerative brain’.

There was another question that used to arise in my brain why everything is revolving in its orbit. From Earth to smallest Particle Electron.
Like Sun Nucleus of atom emit massive heat. Either It is Fission reaction or Fusion Reaction. It Emit Heat Energy. So if Humans does the same…Everything is Praying and Praising Almighty God.

That’s how I went so deep in thought. I faced such situation where I realized before understanding me medically no one can even interact me. How can I travel abroad? After such values can I clear security clearance?
Can I live my life independently or my life partner that I am seeking is going to do this job rest of my life.

I am seeking these answers …………after getting out of my Box to society what life situations are waiting for me. After my parents what situations that they used to control I will be facing independently.
The start is work place Bullying, Interpersonal Conflict, subordinate backbiting, backstabbing,
Children Mischievous Stoning, Mocking and making Fun.
Women caution before my proposal arrives on their door steps. Background investigation, Rumors and Abusive reputation.
That’s start of my life out of my box from being a secret to be dealt publicaly.

I am making my Story Eternal as I am mortal.

4 thoughts on “Learning English( My Story)”

  1. I think it’s amazing that you taught yourself English.

    I have taken a language class for 3 semesters and still barely can get a few phrases.
    You are right about needing to know at least one other language if you plan on traveling.

  2. I always admire those who work hard to learn a second language. As an English speaker these days it is so easy to be ‘lazy’ when it comes to languages. I can go anywhere in the world and get away with speaking English.
    I do try to make an effort and learn at least curtesy words in the country I am visiting like please and thank you and good morning, stuff like that just to show I am not presumptuous.

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