“Law and Order” : Antithesis

More abuse of power last night by the Dicktator wannabe, siking military force on peaceful protestors.

Not necessary. These protestors have no desire or intent to harm Tubby the Toddler President.

“When fascism comes to America…” last night on the steps of a cathedral, waving a bible in the air: a bible this President is too illiterate to even read..

President Trump is the mutated antithesis to “law and order.”

Those who know me know that I have been predicting these actions by Trump for over a year now.

There is no way in seven realms of dystopia that this president, and the GOP can win honestly and fairly in November.

Trump knows this, the GOP knows this, Trump supporters know this.

Everybody knows this.

Trump believes, and has been for the past year laying the seeds for, that only by promoting a chaos so extreme as to present the illusion of excuse to use the military, can Trump remain in power.


He plans to steal this election, by any means necessary.

Fix the system. It is broken. Has been broken from inception.

Population of the United States was around 35 million people, approximately 30% of which were people of color.

We’re it not for the nonstop plague of racist and bigoted, hateful and violent genocidal tactics, it is likely this country would bed evenly split, demographically, today.

This is systemic and intentional advancement of privileged entitlement for nonpigmented, straight, white males in America.

This nation was built on the violent oppression of people of color.

This is not something to be proud of, but rather shameful…

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    1. There does not seem to be much in this world that is not “scary” to the delicate, fragile, sensitive, and insecure wilting snowflakes supporting Trump

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