Laugh Out Loud

I had a good belly laugh today when Fox, AP, and CNN called the presidential race for Biden.

Fox was as premature on this as they were with calling Arizona for Biden, but they did both for the same reason. Projection.

MSM snakes are going to be snakes.

There are vote counts, audits, recounts and lawsuits going on in Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina., Pennslyvania, and Wisconsin. No one has won those states yet, and the MSM certainly doesn’t certify elections.

As far as Pennsylvania goes, it’s just been reported (NOT by the MSM) that:

Pennsylvania still has 100,000 provisional ballots to count.
The ballots are going three to one to President Trump.

President Trump could win Pennsylvania outright — AGAIN — despite the criminal activity of the Democrat party.

Via The Spectator:

I learned last evening that there are roughly 100,000 provisional ballots still out and uncounted in Pennsylvania. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania defines a provisional ballot this way:

Sometimes county elections officials need more time to determine a voter’s eligibility to vote. Election officials may ask that voter to vote a provisional ballot. A provisional ballot records your vote while the county board of elections determines whether it can be counted.

A provisional ballot might include, for instance, a person registered to vote at one precinct but who voted at a different precinct and thus had had to fill out a provisional ballot. That’s just one of a variety of examples. (Click the website for more criteria and details.)

Pennsylvania election officials have just now (this Saturday morning) started to count these ballots. The process works like this: There are groups/boards of three individuals who examine each ballot. Each candidate on the ballot is allowed a representative at this “hearing.” The board looks at each ballot, reads the ballot number aloud, and examines the precinct and the reason that the person voted provisional. At that point, a candidate’s representative can object whether the ballot should or should not be counted. That ballot is set aside and is evaluated further.

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    1. The fight has only just begun. Expect a lot of negative MSM coverage and Democratic bluster this week. That’s what they do. Recounts underway. Legal team in place. Durham on deck.

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