Lamenting tomorrow

Maybe it’s the weather, that “seasonal affective disorder” thing, but I am not looking forward to tomorrow, or any immediately imminent tomorrow on the horizon.

I wish to take the route of the wild beast and hibernate through this vicarious Siberian interlude.

I know the worst of the bitter cold is almost over, brief, unpleasant, and brutally invasive in it’s transition, but somehow, no consolation to be found in brevity.

Going to seek respite in a nap, beginning immediately, hopefully to emerge enlightened, or functioning just enough, to last through to the next existential crisis of the day.

Self created and nourished delusions, resulting from disloyal perceptions, my transitory reality deceives, consistently…


1 thought on “Lamenting tomorrow”

  1. I couldn’t imagine your cold. It’s been all over the news.
    I think I would go stir crazy.
    I just now tried to nap and couldn’t……so I signed on here.
    I don’t want to sound like I am bragging but it’s been warm here. Warm or not that horrible flu bug is around and I am fighting the darn thing. He already took my voice…..the stinker.

    I will do my best to send some of this sun and warmth your way.
    Even to just feel it for a moment.

    Though what you wrote was a little dark and depressing….I felt your words.
    You have a way with words.

    Welcome to Thinkr;

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