La Mesa, Ca

It’s where I live. I am thankful I live up in the hills of La Mesa….but behind these hills the rioters really did some damage. I heard there were 2 banks burning and I could smell the smoke up here. I was more so worried about my friends shop which is right down the street from those banks. I just read on Twitter that her windows were all broken. I am so sad about this…I am so sad about the whole situation. Why La Mesa was targeted was because a few days ago a La Mesa cop was over aggressive with a young black man who was sitting waiting for his friend. His friend was across the street and got the video of the incident. It was all over the news especially with George Floyd just recently being murdered. The protest was planned for another city in San Diego but was moved once this video got out.

I am going to go visit my friends store tomorrow and see if there is anything I can do to help her clean up Amethyst Moon.