La Mesa, Ca

It’s where I live. I am thankful I live up in the hills of La Mesa….but behind these hills the rioters really did some damage. I heard there were 2 banks burning and I could smell the smoke up here. I was more so worried about my friends shop which is right down the street from those banks. I just read on Twitter that her windows were all broken. I am so sad about this…I am so sad about the whole situation. Why La Mesa was targeted was because a few days ago a La Mesa cop was over aggressive with a young black man who was sitting waiting for his friend. His friend was across the street and got the video of the incident. It was all over the news especially with George Floyd just recently being murdered. The protest was planned for another city in San Diego but was moved once this video got out.

I am going to go visit my friends store tomorrow and see if there is anything I can do to help her clean up Amethyst Moon.

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  1. I am sorry your friend’s store got hit by this round of what I consider rightful anger over a horrible situation that has happened and continues to happen way to often. I hate when innocent parties get caught and it is very sad that it happens.

    I hope your friend is able to rebuilt with a very small amount of effort, in other words that the damage is slight. I think it is very good of you to go help your friend.

    1. I am with you on it being “rightful anger” but know it isn’t the majority of protestors causing the trouble. My friend knows this too. She said….it wasn’t worth a life to protect her store. But her neighbor happened to be there and it seemed if anyone was in the business their business was not touched. So he went out to told people to leave her store alone and they left. And another customer happened to walk by and told people to leave her store alone. So she really lucked out. She only had her windows broke.

      1. YEAH, i don’t know what the violence is about. If it were court houses or government buildings, it would make sense to me…anger at the police killings…..kind of makes a kind of sense. Random businesses, kind of strange, but being willing to chose one store and leave another alone, while lucky for your friend, seems really odd to me for a “riot” situation.

        But hey I have never been a rioter so what do I know…LOL

    1. Ha!…you can only see to the ocean. And during this time of year we have the coastal Eddy which the overcast covers the shore for over half the day if not most of the day so we don’t see the ocean. But during the fall winter months the coast is clear just about all day and we actually get to see the sunset into the ocean.
      Its a beautiful view.

  2. Hey, if it is high like that, and I can see buildings and in the distance the ocean, it is more than I have ever been able to see from my house..LOL

    BTW, the only time I ever had this one view was when I visited a friend of mine that lived on a mountain side…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I am on a mountainside. I wanted to move to Coronado Island along the beach but my sons wouldn’t have it. They are over cautious and are worried about tsunamis. So having a view of the ocean from here is second best. And I’ve come to enjoy it here. But I really would love to live off the grid in Alaska somewhere. As soon as all my sons are married and established I will see where I end up ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. ๐Ÿ˜› I used to live in Tennessee, in Nashville. I moved to New Orleans when I retired in 2014. I love this city. The point, however, is that my mother was so afraid of the ocean….water being a mile away would have had her in nightmare all the time. Talk about being over cautious.

    She died in 2002, and I might have moved earlier but couldn’t before she died because for the last 5 years or so, I had to be close to here plus if I had moved that close to the ocean while she was still living, she would have nagged me to death every day calling several times in all likelihood, in case the ocean came after me.

    Funny thing is that she taught me to be afraid of some things, but the water thing never took effect. i always loved being beside the water although I don’t want to get in it because I never learned to swim.

    1. Love the water but can’t get in? Thats torture. Your mother sounds just like my sons. But they love the ocean. I taught them to swim early…since I learned when I was 5. I think my mother had us learn because like you…she never learned to swim.

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