For I know the evil that lives inside

The days go up, the days go round
The days go all round and a round

Today I am down, tomorrow I’ll be up
On joy and energy will I sup

But not today during which I am drained
It helps none that this morning it rained

Spirit is low and so is my energy
They are bound up in their synergy

Madness is their companion, pure insanity
Combined they remove all of my humanity

Darkness today, tomorrow there will be light
If not tomorrow then one day that’s in sight

The voice of the beast echoes in my head
It swears that I’m better off dead

It promises my loved ones will be better off
At all of this it is difficult to scoff

For I know the evil that lives inside
No matter how deeply I cause it to hide

The black rot that thrives at my core
The evil my conscious does deplore

Yet it there if you but look deeply enough
All of the good in me it does rebuff

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