Kevin Ayers – Shouting In a Bucket Blues

OGWT footage from the 70’s.

Sing it Kev!

5 thoughts on “Kevin Ayers – Shouting In a Bucket Blues”

  1. WHAT???? LOVE his voice.
    And love the whole look.
    I saw this young kid a few months ago….totally old rock n roll. He had wild hair….shirt open and hip huggers on.
    You know he had to be slim and beautiful to pull this look off.

    1. Kevin Ayers: 1944 – 2013. Much underrated singer song writer. Co-founding member of the British pioneering psychedelic band Soft Machine in the mid 60’s. Kevin stayed for two albums then pursued a solo career after forming “Kevin Ayers and the Whole World.” His most profound and highly regarded seminal work – “Confessions of Dr Dream” – 1974, became an instant-timeless-classic upon its release. He was one of the nicest people in the business.

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