Just a Song Before I Go

Mike’s Common Sense

When I was a kid, I really got into MAD Magazine. Never got into Cracked or the others of that genre, but I really got into MAD. One of my favorite parts of that mag was when they wrote parody songs to popular songs of that time. You would sing their funny lyrics to the tune of that well known song.

Early in my blogging career, I got into a phase where I wrote some songs (that I thought were funny) but hardly got read.

Well I am going on vacation, and I thought I would use this space to shamelessly, plug some of these songs. I figured that some of you might actually go into withdrawal if you had to go through a whole week without something new.

There is an old saying (I just made it up) “If you haven’t read it yet, it is new to you.

So, for you “mike-aholics” out there, (all two or three of you) here is your ration for the week. Read “Home Owner’s Plight (I’m Not Handy)” today; read “Big Daddy’s Blues” on Tuesday, read “A Day in the Life (Of Me At 73)” on Friday, and read “I Sing Like a Toad” on Sunday.

I will be home next Monday and the transition will be seamless.

Love you all, thanks for reading me, see you next week. Mike

P.S. When I get back I will be reposting my book “The True Adventures Of Wilbur the Pig” A true story of a man, and his pig. It is all true, and funny. If you ever wondered what it is like to have a pet pot bellied pig, this is for you.

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