Just like a movie script: who is complicit?

“Wake up, America.

The time has come.

There are armed invaders, PAID invaders, PAID by our own treasonous President, to take our freedoms and liberties away from us. And many of these invaders are not even American.

That is what Donald Trump and his supporters think of the U.S. Constitution and American Flag. These people do not care about America, our values, and our way of life. They just want our land..

4 thoughts on “Just like a movie script: who is complicit?”

  1. I agree things were not looking. Although I haven’t heard much about violence the last couple of days maybe because I got burned it out and turned it out somewhat.

    After trump’s latest little tantrum, and decision to pull his part of the RNC Convention out of Charlotte because the Governor refused to give carte blanche on possible re-infection and worsening of the Covid-19 pandemic by giving in to the demand that no health safety measures be enacted, the entertainment for the Summer and early Fall is going to be watching the various “possible site” struggle to meet the deadline for an event that usually takes 2 years to prepare for in something like 2 1/2 months.

    Some of those first put forth have already indicated either that they have no interest in endangering their resident’s health by throwing the city wide open, or in one case have no money to put on such an advent at this time.

    It will be interesting, to put it mildly. Of the 6 possible alternate sites that the trump White House put forward, one has taken itself off the table paste haste..as in not only …but hell naaaah. And another have indicated that there are no funds in the city budget. Another is iffy because it makes so sense if the goal is to do the convention in a swing state because evidence indicates it is not really a swing….more democratic leaning.

    There are two possible cities in one state, but they are still seeing too many cases right now. The state may be a good bet but the city less so for any number of reasons.

    Oh and on top of that, there is some concern about some of the older delegates actually being to risk their lives to attend and the usual question of whether some of them can manage to re-arrange where they go on vacation this quickly, with the decision no were near final.

    This may be the NEXT bruhaha and mess on the long list of messes.

    1. It gives me renewed hope seeing all these military hero’s now speaking out against Trump. Given all of these incidents of people showing up at state capitals and BLM protests in military gear, carrying guns, I fear they are testing the waters and feeling for resistance because I believe Trumplandia intends a display of massive force and violence on July 4th, Independence day. These people are hugely enslaved to being manipulated by slogans and symbolism, and it would be just like them to attempt a militia led attempt to secure this government by force prior to the November elections whenbeveryone knows he is going to be lampooned. I believe all of this resistance from military leaders will inspire and motivate many members of the military, past and present to renewed and invigorated suoport and defence ofvthe U.S. constitution and to democracy, both of which Trumplandia hold in great contempt. Trump is burying himself deeply behind concrete fortresses and barriers in the White House, displaying his massive insecurity and cowardice from protesters who are not trying to do him any harm.

  2. Well, now that was just full of missing and wrong words, but updating is not something I can do on this format, so it has to stand. I am sure you understand most of it.

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