I just knew I shouldn’t have had that last cup of coffee!

After much consideration through the medium of doubt, I have decided to take the plunge and create an account here. I was an old campaigner as far as Thoughts went; been there since the beginning and saw many changes – not all good I might add and, survived all the bugs that befell it.

I am not too sure if I will stick around; have to wait and see what sort of community is developing in here, but if anyone knew me from before (jules) and you have also migrated, then maybe you’ll get in touch.

Ohh….and I notice that the spam-bots have already gained entry!


3 thoughts on “I just knew I shouldn’t have had that last cup of coffee!”

  1. Welcome to Thinkr Jules.

    I am glad you took the plunge.
    I joined Thoughts in 2009 and left a few years between here and there.

    Believe it or not there has been a great improvement in the Spam dept. We have 3 Admins on the site….ColoradoDreaming, Ezways and myself. We pop in and clean the spam from time to time.
    Oh yeah….can’t forget Ben. He is still the site owner and pops in every third Blue Moon 😉

    Again…..welcome and I hope to read more of you.


    1. Hi Monica and thanks for the welcome.
      I seem to remember that Thoughts had moderators, in fact I knew two of them – or was it three? Anyway….it didn’t make much difference in the end because spam battling is a vocation in itself and needs 24/7 attention.

      I remember seeing your username before – if that’s the same one that is? I moved in different circles on Thoughts and I don’t ever remember interacting with you. Quite a lot of folk that I knew have gone or have not migrated to here. One of my best pals (who I met way back when Thoughts began) was badlydrawnstickman, but he left before Thoughts shut its doors for the last time.

      Still. Everything changes and nothing stays the same for very long. I would be remiss to think that this site could ever play the same tune as Thoughts once did. In actual fact I tried to migrate when we were given notice of the closure of Thoughts – I got as far as registering but never got the email to confirm my account. I finally got round to opening an email account on Google and here I am.

      1. @jules60

        Yes…the old Thoughts had around 5 Moderators.
        And I know Sticky :). I adore that pain in the butt.
        I tried to drag him here but he kept kicking and screaming. He is such a fun person.

        I don’t think I am the same Monica you are referring. There are 2 of us and she is the blogger and is here also. I use to hang out in the forums before the Thoughts upgrade eliminated them.

        You are right…..things are always changing like old Thoughts always changed. And with every change they lost a few more members. I think this major change from THOUGHTS to Thinkr has lost many and that’s ok. People change too…..online time becomes less important to some.
        It’s like a revolving door……new ones join and old ones leave and some pop back in from time to time to check in.

        As for not getting the confirmation email….that happened to many of us. I waited over a week before realizing I wasn’t going to get a confirmation email. I used a different email and got the confirmation instantly. I told Ben about it because I can see all the people who tried to join. He said I can resend the confirmation emails which actually did no good. If they didn’t get it the first time….why would they get it the second time?
        I was going to send them emails from a separate account to let them know we got the request but due to their email not accepting our confirmation emails they would have to use another email address. But there were so many I didn’t have the time. We may just add that bit of information to a FAQ page we are working on.

        I think because this place is so small….we have been able to get to the spam before it gets out of hand. Ben did install a plug in that has helped us greatly. But a few more plug ins wouldn’t hurt.

        Anyhow Jules……again….glad you made that plunge.

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