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Just incase you need ….

…..8 Hours of background noise 😉

Yeah…… I have this going in the background tonight/this morning. Its beautiful to look at too. Reminds me of 6th Grade Camp when we took a day hike around the mountains. It was raining non stop and the giant leaves were all over the ground. The smell was amazing.

Anyhow…..we have been pondering going to visit my parents for a week or 2. But the Covid #’s are horrible for South Dakota. My sister just told me the other day our Cousin contracted Covid and they had to fly him out to Colorado because there were no more beds there. My other Cousin also had to get flown to Colorado for a non Covid related illness because again….they have no beds available in South Dakota. Right now our reservation is on a 7 day lockdown…meaning no one can leave or enter unless for medical reasons. So even if we went now we couldn’t get in. But we are going to stay at my brothers who lives in Nebraska…IF we decide to go. We are talking about driving and just sleeping in the car at a rest area to avoid hotels. Just avoiding PEOPLE as much as we can. I know once we get there we will be safe staying inside with them. My son was hoping to see his Grandparents before he heads back to England in Mid November. But we will know in a day or 2 what we decide to do.

I had my first Covid test the other day…..NEGATIVE thank goodness. My sinuses have just been acting up and of course my mind kept checking every Covid box with every matching symptom. I was making my list of who I could blame for this 😀 Also I wanted to make sure I don’t take it to my parents house if we decide to go and if we were A systematic. Funny thing about it ….It wasn’t easy getting a test from my regular physician. I even said we will pay cash for the test….but that couldnt happen with them. They have a procedure that took days. So we just went through the county. NOW…Costco has test kits you can buy and spit in and just mail it back. That definitely will be my next route should I need to take it again.

So that’s what’s happening over here……hope everyone is staying safe and healthy where ever you may be.

2 thoughts on “Just incase you need ….”

  1. I know how the mind just naturally turns to Covid whenever there is any kind of cold like symptoms, or even allergies. I have allergies that go most of the year, and it keeps me on edge about Covid-19. I had a blood test and that was negative. But until some people, I am still wearing a mask and social distancing around other people and will do until the numbers are back down again…or a truly trustworthy (as indicated by the medical experts) vaccine is fine that stops the virus.

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