Just hanging out tonight…..


         Starting to look like Halloween around here.

The problem is….I keep forgetting about these guys. So late at night when I come walking down the hallway ….my heart stops.

Now if they start talking to me…..

2 thoughts on “Just hanging out tonight…..”

  1. hahaha my dogs would be growling at them every time they come down the hallway. I usually don’t decorate for Halloween since we live out in the middle of no where there are no trick or treater’s . Recently I brought all my potted plants that I want to winter indoors there is just enough room for Christmas decor. Now that is my season.

    1. @peacefulthinking
      We use to live down a long road that dead ended at a large county park. Off to the left from there you had to take a long dirt road to our gate which was 800ft(?) from the house. I lived near a county park in the mountains that was like an oak tree forrest which was always empty. You could see the little lights of the park rangers golf cart driving the winding roads in the park at night from my porch. So there was no chance of ever getting a Trick or Treater or anyone caroling at my house. But I always decorated for the Holidays. It was more for me. To line my carved pumpkins up on the porch with candles inside always burning the pulp. It wouldn’t be Halloween without that smell 😉
      When do you start decorating for Christmas?

      Before I left my mothers house we also had to pull in lots of her potted plants and moved them to the basement for the winter.

      Speaking of Holiday Decor…….. check out my new post.

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