Just clearing my head

Everybody has one, you cant escape it, it happens no matter how hard you try…..

Its been one of those days when all my thoughts have been all over the place, my head has been all over the head, or as my friend calls it, I’ve got a “Messy head”. and I couldn’t get my thoughts from my brain to my mouth and nothing came out right…..so I decide to come on here and have a rant, and try and clear my head……so here goes…..

Have you ever wondered what colour smurfs go when they get cold??

Why doesn’t the sea freeze???

How come women always say they can never find a decent bloke who cares for them, and will be a friend to them and treat them like a princess, heres one for you hunni, you put him in the friend zone and some lucky women scoped him up and you missed out!!! so suck it up and get use to be single and growing old and grey by yourself!!! just to let you know everything starts heading south after 40, and you might aswell just give up, or wear an uplift bra and bag yourself a toyboy.

And us blokes are just as bad, we say looks don’t matter and personality is more important, yet chase the 6″ blonde with big boobs, that are fake, and you can see from a mile the boobs are fake no matter what she says!!!! Even Steve Wonder can see the boobs are fake.

And why is it people say we need to save the enviroment, yet buy bigger cars, that use more petrol, and kick out more fumes??

Why do the government say we need to eat more healthy and drink less crap, but charge 99p for a can of coke, and 2.99 for a bottle of water, and 99p for a cheeseburger yet 4.99 for a salad??? And why do personnel trainers go around and tell everyone they need to get fit and charge an absolute fortune for helping people get fit???

Ok that has helped, a bit, but watch this space, Ill add more in the future when I need to rant, but after a 12 hour shift at work, I need my bed

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  1. Welcome to THOUGHTS Rhino!
    I know you were just clearing your head….but I have a few comments I want to add so I will get back to this.

    I hope you enjoy your time here.

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