Juniper & Ivy

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The new names of my cat’s. Nah…..its the name of a local restaurant we have in San Diego that received mention in the Michelin Guide? They didn’t receive a star…but they were mentioned which usually means they were contenders and will be kept an eye on.

Since we had this lock down Juniper & Ivy has offered a Pick Up menu. You get 3 options to chose from. A Vegetarian option a meat option and usually a fish/poultry option. Each meal comes with a salad and a dessert. They also usually offer a few complimentary items on the side available for extra. This menu usually runs from Thursday – Sunday. The same menu daily and the next week they change it. Which is such a smart idea because people get tired of cooking at home and they are able to keep some of their staff working and they keep the local farmers in business as well. They are limited as to how many they serve a day so if you see something that looks good you have to jump on and place your order before all days sell out. And what’s awesome about them doing this is that the cost is very reasonable for a place that usually runs a couple a hundred a person if you were to go inside and eat a meal. By offering this to go menu It allows for everyone to try their food.

This is this weeks menu. I ordered for today. I am someone who likes to pick on things so ill order everything and end up throwing most away. I have to say…..I was so disappointed in the Pot Pie. I only took a few bites but I am still burping up smoked sturgeon. I am someone who loves a dash of salt on everything….but even for me this was too salty. I shared the burger with my son and it was great. The fries were not too thick not too thin and perfectly crispy and nice and soft inside. Their desserts are always good. Real whipped cream (my favourite) on top of the raspberry swirl and not too sweet. Last month they made a whoopee pie I almost died over. My sons didn’t eat theirs so I couldn’t throw these works of art away.

Anyhow….I love the name Juniper and Ivy. And if I remember correctly one of the Top Chefs opened this place up back in the day.

So what did you have for dinner?


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