Judy went to Philly and went elegant for a day or two

At one time, I wrote some short stories…haven’t done that in a while. May get back to it at some point, maybe not.  But this is the one I am proudest of….I have to say I think I did pretty well on dialects…the southern one especially in this.  Dialogue was often my hardest thing to get, but I did it fairly well in this story, mithinks.

I did update a tiny bit, but left most of the “misspellings” in because I was trying to tell the story as it would have told by a country woman from the deep south (back where I was raised in a dive bar when the object is obviously to find hook ups for a night of fun…but still with caring and interaction going on.


Bob, the trucker, walked into the dingy smokey bar.  “I want a Bud” he yelled at Tim the bartender, even though Tim already knew what he wanted.  It was the same thing every night.

“Hi Bob” he heard beside him.  And sure nuf there was little Judy.  

“Hey, girl, I ain’t seen ya in a while. Where ya been?”

“Well, Bob”, Judy replied, “you ain’t gonna believe this but I went to Philly. Yeah, me the girl who ain’t been further than once or twice the 80 miles to Nashville, when all way to Philly.  But, you see, I got me some northern cousins, actually some of ’em kinda citified. So different from me, but still cousins are cousins, and they wanted to see me visit’.

“Well, Judy, did you have a good visit?  I mean I think it is good that you managed to get out of this one-horse town for a couple day, even if ya did have to go off to Philly to do it” Bob said laughing.

“Well, gotta admit, I didn’t ‘spect to enjoy it much but I really did.  One thing was, I could find no diner up there….no place that sold hamburgers and a few ‘taters and stuff like I am used to.  But as strange as it wuz, I did find me one restaurant that was good-Knocks  Wasn’t so much the food, you understand, but what happened there”.

“What happened there, Judy”?

“Well, Bob, since I couldn’t find a diner, I decided to try this place.  They took reservations and course I didn’t have one, but it turns out they would let you eat at the bar…right there on a stool.  I ordered a hamburger.  It was diff’rent, but gonna admit good.  Then there was this guy sitting next to me.”

“You don’t say, Judy, you mean you did your heartbreak number all way up there in Philly?” Bob asked chuckling.

“Naash, it wasn’t like that.  Turns out he liked my accent.  Said he had been to the south, by which I think he meant N’awlins, and ‘Tanta and such.  He said I sounded good, me with my deep southern drawl and all.  He even bought me a couple drinks and sat there talking to me a while”.

“Yeah, Judy, what next?”

“Well, now Bob, git your mind outa the gutter.  I know ’round here, a man buys a gal a drink, he is liking how she is wearing her jeans, and wantsta see her out of ’em….heheheh.   But it wasn’t like that with him, although must confess, I thought so too at first. Anyway, when I finished my food, and we both finished our drinks, he stood up, gentleman-like, and said it had been nice visiting with me, and said goodbye.”

“Bob, I lerned me something.  Some of them northerners, citified or not, ain’t all bad”.

“Wow, Judy, it looks like you lerned yourself something.  Now would you like a beer”, Bob said with a sheepish leer.  Judy sighed and under her breath said, “ah but sometimes it is nice to be home where you know the way of things.”.

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    1. hehe, although I like to think I am not quite as country as Judy is….the story was based on my own trip to Philly, Pa several years ago and this rather elegant up-scale bar-restaurant I went to. The people were actually among the nicest I met in the whole city. Better than in some of the dive type bars that I usually feel more comfortable in, as a matter of fact.

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