Journal – July 5, 2019

This frigging place is ridiculous. Doctors and social workers never come to you. They claim you see the doctor every day but in my experience you have to chase them down. Catch them in the hallway or go knock on their door. On Wednesday they changed my status from voluntary to involuntary commitment because my daughter I live with is away on vacation. This despite the fact that my parents said I could stay with them. I had told them discharge me or I’m signing myself out. Since they did not want me home alone they involuntarily committed me. Guess they showed me who was boss. I called my parents at 11:30 AM and explained everything to them then asked if I could stay with them. They said yes. Well it wasn’t until it was almost 4:30 PM before I saw the doctor in the hallway. By then, of course, it was far too late for a discharge. But I explained to him that my parents had said I could stay with them and wouldn’t that satisfy his requirements?. He said it was too late and he would talk to me today, Friday, about it. Well here it is almost 2:00 PM and I still haven’t seen him. I’m running out of time, again, for a discharge. If I miss today then I will be hefre at least until Monday. Will they ever let me go? It’s already been a week and a half and this place is supposed to be short term. All the people who were here when I got here and a few who came after have already been discharged. When will be my turn?

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