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Journal – July 25, 2019

Well that was good. Cathartic. I took a long ride. Took the Chrysler instead of the Chevelle or the bike because I knew what was coming and that’s the safest. Went out into Salem county. Blazing down empty, unknown (to me) roads, petal to the floor, radio cranked to the max, tunes feeding the tears coursing down my cheeks, wind wipping my hair through the wide open windows. It was a sanitity ride. A method of restoring my peace of mind. As I began to recognize the roads and they started to wind back towards home the tunes became more upbeat and the tears dried up. I soon found myself driving more sedately as I air guitared it along with the music and sang at the top of my voice. Now, at last, I am at peace and those hated tears have gone from my eyes. Now my sanity is restored.

I need to register my Chevelle in the classic car show at Lindenwold park on Aug 2nd and see how to register it in the show down Wildwood this September. That one is 3 days long, right over my birthday. I don’t want to go for all 3 days since I can’t afford to stay over in Wildwood and I don’t want to drive back and forth every day for 3 days. That’s a 90 mile trip one way. An hour and a half ride. I probably can’t afford the gas and tolls for 3 days and I don’t want to put the mileage on the Chevelle. With the 411 rear the odometer clocks up like 2 miles for every mile I drive. But one day would be good.

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