Journal – Dec 17, 2017

Well it hasn’t been a bad few days. Depression has been manageable. The beast has been toned down some but still there. No panic attacks. No shadow people or appearances of Dunno. Still getting a headache almost every morning except this one. Today is going to be a decent day I think.

My wife got in an accident with our brand new Chrysler in the snow the other day. Not her fault. She got rear ended when the lady behind her slid in the snow. No one hurt which is the big thing although both my wife and her sister are sore from being jostled. I don’t think either one had their seat belt on since they never do unless I am there to tell them. The car is undriveable so it was towed away by the police. The insurance company, USAA.COM, has been wonderful. They are taking care of everything including getting the police report and renting us a car. We got the care yesterday. It’s a Maxima, comparable in size to our Chrysler 200 but a few less luxuries. So far we have not had to put out a penny but we have a $500 deductable which will need to be paid when the car is fixed. It has not even been appraised yet. They had Maddy in the car with them so her car seat gets replaced at no extra charge. Thank God no one was hurt.

I am at a loss this morning. My wife got up and ran right out and has not come home. I was hoping she was going to Dunkin for tea and coffee but apparently not. She is not answering her cell phone so I have no idea where she has gotten to. All I can figure is she must be over her sister’s.

Head ache free this morning which is a notable event. I have been burning through the excedrin migraine pills like they were candy.

My wife is back. She did go to her sister’s for breakfast. She did not bring me back a dunkin coffee. But she DID get herself a tea. Already she has started on her to do list. Well good morning to you too honey. God she is hollering at me for everything. Sure, she runs off and has breakfast and gets herself a tea then comes home all fired up with her to do list. Give us a break. The rest of us have barely had our coffee yet. I NEVER go to dunkin without getting her a tea but I guess a coffee for me simply wasn’t on the horizon.

Well have a good day people. Be good. Stay strong. Always face the world with a smile. Never refuse a hug. Try for at least one good laugh per day. There is real life changing magic in smiles and hugs and laughter.

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  1. Tony, I continue to have the best thoughts for your life. You are in my prayers. Do your best not to worry as each day has enough worries of it’s own. That bit of wisdom comes from a MUCH higher source than anything I would know to say. Be safe and enjoy your life with your family as much as possible. Believe me, I do understand. Peace to you, bro.
    adopted Sis

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