Jay Z History: My Life’s Theme Song

History by Jay Z is such a brilliant masterpiece I absolutely love this song. Its definitely one my all time favorites.

You have to listen to his lyrics, message and meaning very carefully.

He’s skilled & so there’s much depth there I assure you. You just have to listen carefully and more than once too I imagine.

Its very powerful stuff. Its a Champion’s mindset!

2 thoughts on “Jay Z History: My Life’s Theme Song”

  1. Ok….so I listened twice and still had problems hearing exactly what he was saying. I looked up the lyrics and couldn’t find them on the sites I looked. I am going to have to listen again louder and when I am more awake because I love a good “champion” song.
    What I got …and I know its probably way off is that because of his success he was able to get the perfect wife and bring children into this world and is living the dream. I know there must be more to that so I will have to revisit this once I hear it a few more times in the sunshine.

    Never figured you for a Jay z type of guy 😉

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