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January 17th, Dear Diary,

It snowed last night. My favorite part of a snow storm is the quiet. There is a period of quiet during a snow storm that is so peaceful. You don’t hear any cars driving, no planes above. It’s the quiet before the plows come, before all the neighbors come out of their homes to clear their walkways and driveways. It’s the quiet where you can hear the sound of snow flakes landing. It’s the quiet that reminds you of how truly an awesome experience being alive is. It’s the quiet that reminds me to appreciate everything I have. It’s the quiet that reminds me to be grateful.

I love waking up to snow, especially when I’m off from work. It allows me to stay in the quiet for 30 seconds until the thoughts take over. I started to think about today’s full moon. I had watched a YouTube video about the position of the full moon and the influence that the planets have. I’m fascinated by shit like that. The title of the video is let go of the past and prepare for the future. I find myself in this cycle more often than not lately. I think it’s my age. There’s always something in my life that’s reached the end of its cycle and is time to let go. I have a hard time with letting go, but I’m learning how to. I’m grateful for the narrative.

1 thought on “January 17th, Dear Diary,”

  1. I like snow when it comes, and the perceived atmospheric stillness that comes along with it. The part I’m not so keen on is 2 or 3 days later when it becomes solidified and crunchy and then forms a sheet of ice on the exact spot where you need to walk. Many a time I’ve been carefully trying to navigate a pavement of ice only to suddenly be staring up at the sky because I slipped and landed on my butt. . .ouch!

    Salt! Salt! My kingdom for a bag of salt.

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