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Jack Smith, Mr. Mange (like a coyote has) and Mealy Mouth big Fanny Willis Atlanta, Ga., DA should be prosecuted and found guilty of gross criminal conduct and incompetency and criminal misuse of tax dollars and the Judicial system/constitution.

Another example of public employees who have no business being in tax payer paid jobs who use those positions for personal gain and agendas. Who in their right minds with any intelligence and integrity would vote for someone like them? Well in loser Willis’s case, apparently loser Jack (jackoff) Smith is a political appointee who has been that way I suspect all his worthless life. Like a parasite sucking the country and tax payer’s like blood dry while carrying out the wishes of loser politicians, democrats mostly pretending to be doing good for the country.

Once upon a time one had to work their way up the ranks, prove they are capable of the next higher level to include agency heads. Not so today. The biggest losers start at the top like the ones above them. Like U.S. attorney general Gardner. Any wonder our country is falling apart and sliding into the sewer? Biden like all democrats are worthless. We need Trump more than ever and more Trumps if this country is ever to survive. The left, socialist/communist democrats have been working to destroy us and the constitution for many decades and we see how they have destroyed the whole judicial process and rule of law. Loser elected DA’s, politically appointed judges, like the female judge appointed by loser Obama who makes political decisions about Trump.

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