I’ve Got My Popcorn Ready

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Here is how things are shaking out politically.

AG Barr testified in front of the House, tells the House he will release the redacted Mueller Report next week. He tells the House that the redaction’s will be colored coded, and labeled so House members could see WHY there were redacted.

AG Barr has said four categories of information could be redacted. The categories include:

• Secret grand jury information;

• Material that can compromise sensitive sources and methods;

• Information that could affect ongoing cases;

• And material that could affect the privacy and reputations of peripheral third parties.

Pay attention to #3 on that list.

The Ds’ (and some Rs’) will be doing some sweating, worried if he/she is involved in some “ongoing cases”. How many redaction’s will be about “Ongoing case/investigation”? Hmm. I say the more redaction’s for “Ongoing Case” the better.

Like him or not President Trump is a genius. He is going to let a lot of corrupt people stew, and worry for a couple of weeks…

Then he is either going to drop the whole unclassified FISA application/Steele dossier. Or he is going to release the Office of the Inspector (OIG) Report with Special Prosecutor Huber.

Either way, a lot of corrupt people are going to feel some discomfort the next three weeks.

I have my popcorn ready.


5 thoughts on “I’ve Got My Popcorn Ready”

  1. “The Ds’ (and some Rs’) will be doing some sweating, worried if he/she is involved in some “ongoing cases”.”

    Don’t forget those 3rd party characters like the staff at Fusion GPS, Daniel Richman, a law professor at Columbia University and friend of former FBI director James Comey who leaked sensitive FBI memos to The New York Times in the wake of Comey’s firing in 2017 and now claims to be Comey’s personal attorney (think attorney client privilege. They should raid his office like Mueller raided Cohen’s), and others…

    1. Hi EZWAYZ! imagine this if you will. Mueller was tasked with finding Trump/Russian collusion; what if in Mueller’s investigation he did find Russian collusion, but not with Trump. His investigation corresponds with Huber, Horowitz’s. investigations/pending indictments. Imagine of the 300 page Mueller report, 100-200 pages are redacted in red for current cases being investigated. Wide eyed Adam Schiff, and Pelosi (who are already acting irrationally) and many others Rs and Ds going totally off the rails as the heat increases. I think this is what we will get to see. he he

      1. Take down the Clinton Foundation while your at it and what do you get? National/international: politicians, bankers, financiers, corporate executives, Hollywood Elites,..it makes
        Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and her Pakistani I.T. guy, Diane Feinstein and her Chinese driver/spy etc look like sacrificial pawns.
        The Foundation is what enabled the attempted coup.
        ALWAYS follow the money.

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