It is there. It is real.

When I was young I believed that there are no bad people. As I grew up a little, enough to set apart right from wrong, I built a concept of my own that ‘people aren’t bad, it’s all circumstantial. it is actually their situation that urges them to be bad.’

Further as I grew up I realised, there are bad people and you simply can’t categorize them under ‘bad situation’ cause if you do that you are in the wrong.

People are bad.


Jealousy, malice – traits like these are for real and are destructive. They destroy everyone around and at the end find their peace in the blackened soul of the host.

Its like parasite. That destructs the one that gives it shelter, slowly and gradually.

I mean I get it. Everyone is jealous to some degree. But there is a very vague yet crucial difference between envy and jealousy.

How you want the latest model of high tech Apple or Samsung like the next person?
How those jimmy chus look really cute on that girl’s fair feet?
Do you see the way her perfectly straightened hair fall on her shoulders?
How smoothly that guy can land so many girls eventhough he is a jerk for a person?

Yes its all there. Its all very real.

But at the end of the day you want that all for yourself (in a good way like – it inspires you). All you care about is to benefit yourself.
You work hard, you pray or do whatever you might – even take any road at times, when it gets too much, to achieve all that.

That being said, you desire to be the best.
but there are people who do things out of pure jealousy rather than any desire to succeed. they only want to succeed in bringing other people down. Whatever path it is, they are ready to bring others’ demise at their own cost.

It is there. It is real.

These people usually disguise themselves under fake kindness and empathy. sugarcoating is their art. and honestly it is easy to set them apart when you let the reality sink in.

I know, nobody wants to be a saint but at times you feel so much negativity around you that you give people benefit of the doubt and start questioning yourself. That maybe you are the one who is bad, you are the one who is problematic about everything. Perhaps you are the negative energy that you should get rid off.

Mostly. yes.

But one should always remember that the term is “second” chances. Try avoiding giving multiple. 

You believe you are worthy enough to change somebody or something? Have a look around, a lot of people actually need you, the world needs you.

Dont waste your precious time on people you believe you can change. Life is too short. Neither you are perfect nor the world. Try benefiting yourself and the world. You aren’t here to make sense out of insanity. You are here to sanely comprehend your strengths to utilize them in making the world a better place.

Do the world a favor and focus on how you can better yourself and the aura around you.

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