It would be unjust to say that things are fine. Because they haven’t been fine in a very long time. When I reconsider the prolonged series of macabre days, I had been experiencing in my life for quite a while, the past week wasn’t the most horrific. Things definitely could be a lot better, I mean, they should at least.

Recently life had brought me to such a no parking zone that there seemed to be no possible stops for timely rests. For every road I covered, I was eventually encompassed by a U turn.

Every single day, I woke up with a hope that it shall get better. Some days are yet better than the rest but then again, life meets another round about and every new road offers new bottle necks.

However, the past week made me realize that sometimes you have to complete the entire journey, and certain roads are meant to be taken. Yes, you might end up taking long routes instead of short due to lack of spontaneous decision making, but in the long run it doesn’t matter enough.

So, I guess you ultimately have to reach your destination, go through the jumps and bumps, land into puddles, get stuck in the traffic jam, all of this is beyond your control and you really have no hold over how the path might be. Although, all you need to do at times, is to change the music you’re listening to. You might want to try something off your juke box.

The journey isnt that bad. Cause somedays it does get better. And one should never lose hope because eventually it will become better untill it becomes the best.

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