It could have been prevented or at least be not as bad

This is going to be as somewhat controversial post to some. So, I am going to ask that you please remember the requests that I made in my last post. If this is the first post of mine that you have read, I am going to ask that you, please, read the suggestions in the first post before you reply. Thank you. Now, I want,in this post, to talk about both Donald Trump and his response to the pandemic. When I was in college, at Skagit Valley College in Mt. Vernon, Washington state, I had a role in a play called “It can’t happen here.” In that play, I played the role of Buzz Windrip, the very first American dictator. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever believe that the United States of America have its own very first American dictator wannabe. As far as I know, the United States is the only Nation in the world that does not take the popular vote into consideration during Presidential elections. This nation uses the electoral college, an antiquated, corrupt system, to select the President. The electoral college is run by big money and that is all. it does not take in to count the wishes of the people in making its selection. The electoral college is the most corrupt machine since Tammany hall! Has far as I am concerned, since two days after the election in 2016, the United States of America has no “president” and it barely has a Congress as it is. if the election goes by the popular vote, as it does in other countries, then Donald trump loses the election by over 2 million votes. We will, however, talk about Donald Trump in another post. What I really want to talk about is his lack of response to the covid – 19 pandemic. in short, it has been poor at best. More times than not, your “president” has either ignored warnings from experts or claimed that the pandemic is not as bad as people are saying. At one time, he and his supporters have stated that it was a Democrat hoax to make him look bad. A few examples, At the end of January, the World Health Organization warned Donald Trump about covid – 19. This is the same World Health Organization that Donald Trump cut funding to because he said that they were to slow in acting. Also at end of January, one of Donald Trumps top white-house advisers, Peter Navarro, warned him of Covid-19’s impact. Still, Donald Trump did nothing to prepare. On Feb.24th Donald Trump stated “The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA.” He said that when covid – 19 was on the rise. On the 25th he said, “the coronavirus is “well under control” and that there are “very few people with it.” Yet more and more people were coming down with it. Donald trump has went as far as to blame President Obama for “bad, broken tests” for covid-19. The problem with that is President Obama left office in 2017 and Covid – 19 didn’t come around until 2019! He also blamed President Obama for the lack of things in the National Stockpile for the pandemic. Once again, President Obama left office in 2017 and Covid – 19 didn’t come around until 2019! Even if the stockpile was empty, why didn’t Donald Trump and his administration refill it? Lastly, both President Bush and President Obama left a pandemic “playbook” ( a book on what to do if and when a pandemic hits) and Donald Trump chose to ignore it. So, because of Donald Trump’s impenitence, as of July 30th, 2020, 4,405,932 people in the United States have come down with covid – 19 and of those cases, 150,283 people have died!

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  1. Well, above I started to comment and only got two words in and there is no way to update it, so here is the rest of what I was going to say. I don’t know what your first post says but since I agree totally with what you have to say about trump’s reaction, or lack thereof, to Covid-19, I will say I agree.

    I will add that most of his reaction has been excuses. It is a virus, that happens to come from China. To call a “Chinese virus” is simply an attempt to blame the Chinese, which is pointless. The point is that it is here, and rampaging though our population and we need to deal with it. Period. 🙂

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