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Is thinkr under attack?

Nice examples of copy & paste clutter.  Do you take requests?


2 thoughts on “Is thinkr under attack?”

  1. Sorry about the SPAM post today.
    Colorado is busy today and I had to take my car in to be serviced and had a hair appointment. So I have not had time to pop in and clean up the place.
    And I am out the door again because I have to pick up my car and I have an appointment to get my eye brows waxed.
    So there may be more spam post by the time I get home later.
    Please watch the place for us 😉

  2. Hello, Monica.

    I have good thoughts about Colorado when it was one of 7 states I covered for my company before retirement. Actually, you are the only person I now know from Colorado!

    Since it snows in Houston about every 13 years, states of Colorado and New Mexico were the states I enjoyed visiting because I could expect snow from October to February.

    I have a small comment about Denver only a native of Colorado might understand. I made sale calls to the medical, electronic, governmental agencies within the state. I know some electronic industries may no longer exist in Colorado. I remember I had an appointment with then Digital Corporation to demonstrate an instrument. I arrived in Denver and checked into a motel in Aurora. During the early hours, a snow- storm hit the Denver area, and when I awoke the next morning, there were several feet of snow and I could not drive to my appointment. I called Digital and explained. The engineer I was to show the instrument said he understood, but said he would call me in an hour. The engineer called me and said he was on his way to the motel. I was surprised when he later arrived at the motel in a large, snowplow truck. It seems Digital requested a snowplow from a customer who did business with Digital. I set-up the instrument on the bed in the motel and demonstrated it to the engineer. He was pleased and issued me a purchase order. I called my company and said I was unable to drive anywhere, and I spent 4 days hold-up at the motel. I did enjoy watching the Northern lights dance in the sky.


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