Is there a way out of this Labyrinth of suffering?

John Green once wrote:

“There is no way out of this labyrinth of suffering”


Although, this labyrinth is rarely one of our own constructions. We usually get stuck in someone else’s cage of adversity. Gradually, become part of their lives, inherit their problems as if they were our own.

All in the name of love,…. All for Love.

We can hardly draw an accurate estimatation of what its worth. Frequently, we even find ourselves question its worth

Love, respect, gratitude, sensitivity all these virtues however, have been instilled so deeply within us that no matter how impulsive we become, they always supercede. Stay one step ahead of our conscience.

Sometimes I genuinely admire people who lack basic humanity.

Amidst all the catastrophies of the world, emptiness is a scarce trait to find. Life automatically becomes 50 times easier. They have no peace, no calm. but you see, they barely need it, because their constant state of oblivion makes them devoid of all the humanly emotions.

You look at them and you literally see nothing. No worries, No insight of good or bad, right or wrong. Just emptiness. Complete emptiness. The ultimate cure of confinement.

Somebody once said:

“If you feel it you’re half way there. “

Well, if you are detached from your feelings, what’s the point, right? you wouldn’t end up anywhere, or lets say, you wouldn’t need to be anywhere.

You will have no aim. The fact that where you are would least bother you. You can be everywhere yet nowhere. Nothing matters.

I do not know if I am wrong in being envious.

But when your life becomes a battle field, every single day you fight a different battle, for the ones you care for, the ones you love, sometimes for the peace of your mind and sometimes for theirs. Unlike other battles, you aren’t provided the option of wavering the white flag.
Like Darwin’s concept of ‘Survival of the fittest’, till today we fight for our place in this world . And yet, it’s ironic how not even a single living soul has ever found contentment.
Nobody ever claims that They Had It ALL.

I suffer for what its worth. Why am I confined? What am I even worth?

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