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Is America the most racist, bigoted country on earth?

two yyoung black men found hanging from trees 45 miles apart in California in past month. America was built on racism and bigotry. The most emotionally insecure white men on earth. With the most emotionally insecure 74yo President in the history of the country

3 thoughts on “Is America the most racist, bigoted country on earth?”

  1. So, the rhetoric from the man in the White House supporting white Nationalists and other hard right racists and bigots has resulted now in lynching making a return. It just keeps getting worse.

  2. It’s horrible. I am waiting to see what the investigation concludes. I hate to say this but I am hoping it was suicide. Both outcomes are horrible I know. But with the times we are going through……a lynching is the last thing we need.

    1. I refuse to believe two transpersons hung themselves less than 50 miles apart in less than a month. Not in this hate climate. Republicans even now trying to pass a bill in which they insist the word “lybching” remain intact, because they want peoplecto be able to murder LGBTQ and POC without consequence, just like 75 years ago

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